GearBest’s Shipping Methods and Delivery Times

GearBest proposes different shipping methods, we’ll review all of them in this article to help to make the right choice.

The site’s particularity is that it focuses mainly on the products of Chinese brands (Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, etc).

This allows GearBest to offer very competitive prices in addition to coupon codes, being nearly identical to those of the Chinese market, which supplies it directly. This also explains certain delivery times, as will be seen later on.

One of the criteria for judging an e-commerce site is the quality of its delivery service. In this area, GearBest offers many options to its customers. The site delivers all over the world, and when you place your order you are able to choose among various shipping methods.

How to Choose a Shipping Method

When you choose your shipping method, you must take three main criteria into account:

  • First of all, your address. GearBest delivers everywhere, but not necessarily in the same timeframe or at the same rates. These will depend mainly on your location: large urban centers are best served, and some countries are better served than others. Give a well-located address, even if it means recovering the package yourself after delivery.
  • Your desired delivery time frame. The fastest delivery times are, logically, more expensive. Nonetheless, GearBest very suitably guarantees delivery within a maximum of one month. If you wish to speed up the process, this is possible at an additional cost. It’s your choice, according to your budget.
  • The shipping origin of the product is very important. The closer the warehouse is, the faster the delivery will be. When placing your order, you can choose the warehouse of your choice (preferably in your country) if the product is available in several. Changing the default choice of the warehouse may incur additional costs.

Lastly, you should also know that tracking is possible for all of your packages, to be sure that they are on their way. Simply ask for a tracking number and key it in on the appropriate sites.

The Different Shipping Methods for Your Disposal

Standard Shipping

This is GearBest’s default shipping option, as well as the most commonly used. Understandably, delivery is free and covers most countries. The site takes care of everything; the only thing you have to do is to wait. Allow between 8 days and 3 weeks to receive your order.

Two options are available with this type of delivery: “unregistered” and “registered”. The second option allows you to track your parcel’s path and to know the likely arrival date by using a tracking number.

Gearbest delivery
Gearbest delivery methods

“Priority Line” Priority Shipping

This is the ideal delivery system. It’s the preferable option even if your geographical area is covered, which is normally the case if you live in the United States. By partnering with local services, GearBest offers a much more dependable delivery service. In the US, it is the “US Line” or “America line”.

There, you enjoy access to conventional distribution channels such as those of the post to receive your order. Delivery times vary from 1-2 weeks. The advantage is that it’s much more reliable than GearBest’s normal distribution channels, and if you’re in trouble, you’ll know who to talk to. The package is also tracked directly through the post office.

One small drawback, however, is that free delivery may be limited to certain products. Most come with an extra charge, though it is negligible in most cases. In any case, please enquire at the time of order.

Express Shipping

This is the fastest and safest shipping method, making it unfortunately also the most expensive. With this option, GearBest works with private providers such as DHL or FedEx to ensure delivery. The quality of service is, of course, high, as is the possibility of delivery in less than a week.

However, costs can easily add up due to additional fees:

  • First, you pay the shipping provider. The price can vary depending on the product, its weight, its size, etc.
  • Then, there are customs charges. These can be prohibitive, sometimes representing up to 100% of the value of the product.

This shipping method – despite some advantages – is, therefore, best avoided, as the point of buying online on a site like GearBest is to save money. However, for the most remote addresses, this will sometimes be the only option available.